Project Management

is the entirety of functions, organization, technics and tools applied to initiate, define, plan, control and conclude projects.

All these project phases and approaches are integrated by FMTS for our customers and provided as a project management service package.

FMTS is committed to fulfill to the greatest possible extent the expectations of the project owner towards the project. FMTS applies the approach of environment analysis to evaluate the expectations of the project.

  • Time: the duration of the project and deadlines
  • Costs
  • The content, scope and quality of the project results

To guarantee the success of the project, FMTS works in a transparent way and plans the project together with its owner. Therefore, the reporting will always be based on time, costs and project results.

FMTS has already worked with several renowned companies from textile and furniture industries and led partial projects such as relocation of machines and devices, new construction of a furniture company.

Work with FMTS, we guarantee success for your project.