enviroment – and energy engineering

FMTS- Your Partner in environment protection and energy management

The protection of the enviroment is a future task. We all contribute for the protection. With us you contribute a part.

We offer:

  • waste air combustion plant
  • sludge dryer for waste water of all kinds
  • filter system
  • waster air scrubber
  • energy recovery systeme (air-air, water-air, water-water, oil-air)
  • thermal oil system
  • drying system with energy recovery and waste air purification

At us you are in good hands, than:

  • we support your project from the beginning on
  • we offer good collaboration with partner companys
  • we offer arrangment to specialist company

Our offer in enviroment – and energy engineering includes the advice, the planning, the project implementation, the commissioning and the maintenance.

We are:

  • location-independent
  • reliable
  • flexible

our projects:

Year project name Industry location




Delivery and assembly from circulating – and waste air system (dryer, oven)   China




Transfer of waste air combustion plant


within China

Germany to India

England to Romania

2014 Replacement of ceramic stones in waste air combustion plant textile industry  
2013 Assembly of a plant waster air scrubber   India
2012 Delivery of combustion chambers for waste air purification    
since 2011 Delivery and assembly of heat exchanger (air-air, water-air, water-water, oil-air)    
since 2011

Regular maintencane of waste air combustion plant

textile industry China, USA, Germany
since 2011

energy recovery system

hot-oil plant in connection with heat exchanger

textile industry