Industrial Services

Through FMTS industrial services, your machines and plants will be technically up to date.

If you are looking for the best of quality and trustworthiness, we are exactly the right partner for you!

FMTS is ready to provide you with support in various tasks. We are globally experienced in many service related issues.
Our employees and partners are all well trained and ready to take on the assignments. Our field representative is delighted to offer you comprehensive advice.

1. Maintenance

  • Inspection according to the inspection protocol
  • Compiling maintenance plans
  • Compiling spare parts catalogues
  • Requesting quotations for spare parts
  • Ordering spare parts
  • Coordinating, monitoring and executing maintenance work
  • Organizing on-site professional maintenance staff worldwid
  • Educating and trading technical staff,

2. Repairs

  • Appraisal record for the repair work,
  • Planning of the repair work,
  • Compiling spare parts catalogues,
  • Ordering spare parts,
  • Coordinating, monitoring and executing repairs
  • Worldwide fast response for damage repairs
  • Organizing on-site professional repair staff

3. Relocations

  • Planning relocations
  • Measuring, marking and documenting
  • Packaging according to transport time, transport route, the length of temporary storage and international regulations,
  • Compiling packing lists in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese,
  • Planning and executing all kinds of professional crane handling,
  • Planning and executing professional loading and unloading of trucks and containers,
  • Executing transport logistics,
  • Evaluating new locations on existing infrastructure, transport route and ground conditions,
  • Providing professional heavy duty tools,
  • Providing professional montage staff,
  • Disassembling and assembling after relocations,

4. Modifications, new constructions and dismantling

  • Planning and consulting,
  • Documenting,
  • Coordinating, monitoring and executing,
  • Organizing specialized companies,
  • Disassembling and assembling of existing components,
  • Integrating additional components,
  • Integrating machines and plant components,
  • Professional waste disposal in accordance with international regulations,
  • Organizing warehouses or halls
  • Professional storaging.