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The owner of FMTS, Mr. Frydryszik, had served as an employee in a wide range of industrial services for 15 years before he took the giant step forward and founded his company on Oct.1, 2011 on the basis of his comprehensive experiences.

FMTS has always actively provided services to various industries, here are some examples:

From February 2012 to December 2013, built up a new textile factory in India as the on-site head of construction. He also monitored the machine and equipment suppliers, established documentations and maintenance plans, trained technical personnel for the client.

Engineered and supplied a yarn finishing machine for a Chinese client, with integrated devices for exhaust gas purification and energy recovery.

Manufactured and supplied spare parts for a textile finishing machine of a German client.

Provided consulting services to various industrial clients on issues relating to energy recovery, exhaust gas purification and systems for environment protection, trained the technical personnel and consulted with the technical departments on management issues.

Updated an entire factory, executing the general maintainance for all machines and equipment, guiding and renewing the administration of the technical department, modified the machines.

Installed several hot-oil systems, provided maintenance and consulting services for various hot-oil systems

Purchased spare parts for various machines and industrial clients

Assignments so far in Germany, China and India

Our certificates

  •  Diplom Schweißfachmann

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  • Meisterbrief 465x640

  • MES Beurteilung 465x640

  • Projektabwicklung 465x640

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  • CE Doku Bevollm

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Latest Projects

  • Supplied a system for exhaust gas purification
    1. A combustion chamber with hot-oil burner and integrated heat exchanger with air-to-air heat recovery
    2. An additional heat exchanger to recover the exhaust gas from burner
    3. Piping and linking to the existing system
    4. Integrating exhaust gas component into the system

    Since the factory of the Chinese client lies in a residential area, there were constant complaints  about the smell of the exhaust gas. After the execution of this project, the gas was purified and the factory gained permission from the Chinese environmental authorities.

    Written on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 07:03
  • Single Yarn Infeed Unit

    Integrated an infeed unit into the existing yarn finishing machine.

    1. Engineering
    2. Engineering drawing
    3. Manufacturing with various suppliers
    4. Supplying to and montage at the site of the end customer
    5. Initiating production and handing over to the customer
    Written on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 07:00